Vampire Lesbians!

I need to tell the world this. Omg I love it sm lmao

 K so basically recently I drew like these two girls and was like 'they'd be so gay for eachother' and I got like some shit down

 Basically, Sophie is this like girl w/ a christain or something upbringing and she falls in love with Ethel. And Ethel is HOT. And Ethel also likes her back. No problems so far! They hang out more and wuh oh! Ethel is like- a vampire!

 And Sophie is like 'you should turn me bc i wanna b with you forever!' And Ethel, who was turned like last year or something (And ages btw, it aint weird) is like 'dude no you don't being a vampire sucks' bc she doesn't like personally killing humans/animals and she's like a pacifist and stuff

 But Sophie loves her and is like 'no i'd love it I love you please!' and it's a whole thing

 And during this there's Angelica. She's also a vampire and talks to Ethel and she's like 'You have to either turn her, Killer her, or just ghost her dude' And Ethel's like 'No I love her omg'

 And also during this there's these two dudes and one's Austin, Sophie's adopted bro, and then Steve. Steve's a little bitch. He's not immoral, he's just a cunt. Him and Austin have like beef but only Steve doesn't like him bc in PE Austin is just better at it and it pisses Steve off. And so Steve, a freshmen, goes to Austin, A Senior, and always demands like a rematch

 And obviously, Austin looks at this absolute child and is like "No, I'm good. Thanks though?' And dips and it pisses Steve off more

 Anyways Ethel eventually goes up to Steve and is like "Hey, you got beef w/ my girl Sophie?" (They aren't dating yet but Ethel want's to call her pet names sooooo yk) and Steve's like, "Na. I just don't like Austin." And so they're chill w/ eachother!

 Anyways it's not done and I started it recently but yea!! :D

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Alto Clef :3

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Kill* and did you mean immortal instead of immoral???? very big difference my dear friend

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Thanks, and also I meant immoral :3

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very cool would read more

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