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What this profile is! (BYF/DNI?)


You have found/friended my role playing profile for my fursona Kayla! If you want to friend me on my less active but non-role playing profile, Scarecrows.

I am using this profile for fun and drawing opportunities! If you have a character ref on your profile and comment as a response on my bulletins I may draw you. I'll make it obvious I am looking to draw; here's an example of such a post:

Before you friend/follow

I am in character in messages, bulletins, comments, everywhere, but blogs. I am not lying just role playing. I wouldn't call myself a friend collector, I just add other obvious furries, feel free to add me if you aren't a furry. I only really accept and add if you list your age and over 18!

Do Not Interact

I am almost 30, I have no interest in talking to people 10 years younger than me! Only exception is art advice/ help, but I will not accept friend invites.
Transphobic/homophobic/MAPS/Zoos/ etc
This is obvious, just don't be a dick
Furry haters
idk why you even bother, bullying is cringe lmao
People who want to just flirt/erp/etc
I am in a closed relationship so any messages even remotely like flirting I will ignore!

Other info

My fursuit was made by Leaping Lizards Mascots!
I do take art commissions.
You can see and learn more about my sona here!
Read the comic my sona's universe is based in, might help you understand what I post on here, or not idk.
All the profiles linked on my page are non-role playing! Feel free to follow me in other places, I go by KaylaMod just about everywhere.

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