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sparkstember 2023 day 30


wow. sparkstember is already over, i can't believe it. that was such a wonderful experience!!! i have now listened to all sparks albums and all (or most) collaboration tracks. to celebrate the wonderful genius of sparks, i'm going to list some of my favorite things about sparks!!!

album: a woofer in tweeter's clothing!!! it just sucks me in every time, i get lost in it. the lyrics are amazingly silly and the instrumentation is just glorious. fave track from woofer: the louvre (frennnnnnnch rrrrargh). runner up album: angst in my pants. (rrrrarrgh)

track: barbecutie!!! the baseline, the lyrics, russell's voice dipping down low and soaring up high you don't knowwwww what this does to me!!! and for it to be almost a secret track until the 21st century, i'm glad i was alive now so i could discover it immediately. runner up: sextown u.s.a.

album cover: angst in my pants!!! the stunning, powerful red background (so sad that ron doesn't like looking at the color red because it hurts his eyes...) combined with the (boo i can't think of the word) compelling (? that's not it but whatever) clothing that russ and ron wear... a sparkly suit (so early 80s russell) and a wedding dress (i die every single time i see ron in that...) runner up: terminal jive (ough. autism)

era: this is pretty difficult to decide (djo reference), so i won't. but i think i lean more towards early sparks a wee bit, like pre-island, island, return to america, los angeles, liiiiike they're all so raaaaaaaaargh and to me personally ron and russell are simply chef's kiss. runner up (aside from those four): 2002-2009 (sorry balls.)

collaboration track: hip kit!!! french french french french french french french. i'm not a francophile, i could never associate myself with thomas jefferson in that manner. i just think russell's french accent is hot. runner up: so desu ne (hello kitty uzi!!)

hm. might update with more favorite things later, or with more runners up of favorites listed here!


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russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️

russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️'s profile picture

sparks fan culture is constantly reminding other sparks fans who know you love sparks about how much you love sparks. that being said, i love sparks.

i remember when you said i was crazy for having heard their whole discography. wasn't something you could manage doing. they're simply irresistible aren't they

was very fun to go back through their catalogue with you and see everyone's fan art + assorted content from the era

amazing to see the fandom unite and dedicate an entire month to appreciating sparks

i could try to share some of my favourites myself but i don't know if i can they're just so good rahhhhhhh

HAPPY SPARKSTEMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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they are incredibly irresistible and i need more!!!! more!!! SPARKSTEMBER!!!! WOOO!!!! I LOVE SPARKS FANS!!!!!!!! I LOVE SPARKS!!!!!

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