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Calloween Movie Month (introduction)

Hello everyone!

For the month of October I will be watching one horror (or otherwise Halloween appropriate) movie a day and promptly writing a review for my blog on here!

The purpose of this is threefold.

1. It lets me blast through a ton of influential and/or personally appealing horror films I haven't yet seen for the purpose of furthering my journey as a fledgling horror nerd.

2. Halloween is my favorite holiday, but since I'm older than 12 it's hard to find a way to celebrate it when you don't like parties and you don't have the money for cosplay

and 3. It's a fun way to stretch my writing legs outside the context of fiction.

All entries will have spoilers, so I will put my recommendation (or lack thereof) and basic trigger warnings at the top of the page before the review.

That about sums it up. For everyone who might plan to tag along with me, either by watching the movies or reading the reviews or taking up a similar challenge, I hope you have as much fun as I hope to!

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