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ill die b4 i make it

Not 2b rlly edgy n shit but i will literally b dead b4 i gradu8 highschool lolz

Ive got the worst issues rn it suxs - if i have 2 do 1 more gym class I'm actually gonna chop my head off :|

ok ok but seriously whats to live life if I'm just gonna go to school again, get a degree and slave away at a job 4 the rest of my life ? not like ill b able 2 enjoy it, the worlds already falling apart as i type and ill prolly get murdered on the street 4 being trans so whats the point in trying ? Sure some ppl want to have a nuclear family n shit but i cant love any1 anyways so that rules out staying alive for love

Id say that ill join a band and ill tour the world by I'm 20 but every emo kid has that idea and being realistic - ill probably never even get around to learning the guitar.  All I've got going are bad edgy song lyrics and 2 high aspirations 2 actually mean something. 

I don't know how much longer I can handle going unrecognized in an environment that's supposed to uplift gifted kids, I do so much for such a little outcome and it makes me wonder what would happen if i just stopped trying, would anyone actually notice ? or even care ? What if i just gave up and stopped going 2 school al2gether ? It wouldnt have an impact on this world, whats to try all 4 nothing ? 

that's why I, Oliver, have decided that i will die b4 i gradu8 highschool.

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