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sparkstember 2023 day 29

the girl is crying in her latte!!!

in terms of modern sparks, je l'adore!! i loved this album, it felt very cohesive, something that was missing from a steady drip, drip, drip. i really like the atmosphere that was developed in the tracks, there felt like there was space between the sounds, it wasn't cluttered, but the songs were still very complex. i also loved the more technology leaning sounds, it reminded me of gorillaz !

faves: the mona lisa's packing, leaving late tonight (UGHHH THE RHYTHM!!!!!! RAAAAAAGH), escalator (fun fact i really really really raelly (gorillaz reference) really really hate going on escalators but this song SLAPS!), take me for a ride (don't have to tell me twice, also i love the storyline! i love random people doing their thing!!!), we go dancing (we do... we do), nothing is as good as they say it is (fourth term abortion), veronica lake (that's not nastassia core), the girl is crying in her latte (stunning song... truly), when you leave (autism! yay!), gee, that was fun (makes me think sparks26 isn't happening... and then i am sad. old men...), wow all the songs are so amazing... i love sparks.

this cover ATE!!!! it's so artsy, so colorful, sooooooo good. it's really different from other sparks covers somehow and yet it's so sparkscore. who is the girl tho. is that cate blanchette. or another girl. idk. addicted to the colors actually.

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russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️

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the part mentioning the improved flow of tracks compared to the pacing on asddd is so true very good way to describe it i feel the same

so many awesome songs here very fun album to listen to i like your choices of favourites

nothing is as good as they say it is gives me early 80s sparks vibes and i love that

win for autism win for old men and those who love them (me. you. us)

i don't know if it's the "best" album of the year, but it might be my aoty because it's the one i get the most enjoyment out of. i'm listening to it more than any other 2023 record because sparks have a special spot in my brain. my other two favourite bands haven't released a new album in 45 and 53 years respectively () so it's nice that sparks are still dropping and you know i'm going to eat it up

i don't know who the girl on the cover is. i like to pretend she's cate's girlfriend. say yes to latte lesbians
i love the artwork too though it's what you may refer to as "kant"


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nothing is as good as they say it is is SO early 80s you are so right

yeah and i don't think your two favorite bands are going to release anything any time soon...

latte lesbians oh i love... i love kant latte lesbians

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