Haven't read any traditional books in a few years (as in not fanfics!) and am trying to get back into reading!! Haven't posted a blog entry on here before so sort of a test, but I wanna keep up my motivation! <3

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Hi! I'm somewhat the same, I've only really been reading manga for the past few years but I've recently gotten back into reading novels!

By the way, I saw your reply on my forum and my discord user is @kirauhhh if you'd like to add me!

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Hii! I'd love to add you! What novels have you been reading?

by frottow; ; Report

Hi! sorry for replying so late!! I'm currently reading Another 2001 by Yukito Ayatsuji!

by ⭑☆Kira★⭒⋆; ; Report

Don't worry! Sometimes I don't log in for ages either!
I looked up the blurb, it sounds really good!! (I'll be stealing it for my to-read list)

by frottow; ; Report

It's really good! There's a first volume that's just called "Another", and a side one called "Another Episode S/O", btw, what's your disc user?
I can't tell if you've added me or not!

by ⭑☆Kira★⭒⋆; ; Report

Ooh! That's awesome!!
My discord user is nufflespaws, I added you a bit ago :D

by frottow; ; Report