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"JDM Frankenstein" Dream Build

I think a lot about what I would do with infinite resources, and I've come up with what I think would be the perfect car. I call it the "JDM Frankenstein" for reasons you'll see soon. But first, I should provide some context to what I'm going to talk about.

In 1990, Honda released the NSX (New Sportscar Experimental). It was the first production car to be made with a fully aluminium body, equipped with a V6 behind the driver built to directly compete with Ferrari.
Honda NSX. Lightly modified.
This car was revolutionary, with a genius suspension system and very well-balanced chassis. During the design phase, Ayrton Senna test drove the car and helped advise Honda's engineers; production models even came with Senna's signature on the side skirts. This is the car we'll start with.

In the same year, Mazda released the 4th generation Mazda Cosmo that came with a 3 rotor derived from the oh-so-famous 13B 2-rotor of the Mazda Rx7.
20B-REW in the engine bay of a Mazda Cosmo.With modifications, we can get this thing up to roughly "plenty" horsepower. We'll be turning it sideways and sticking it in the back of the NSX, and assuming we can fit a 6-speed transaxle as well.

4 years later, the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33) is released in 1994. As the previous generation GT-R (the "R32") was to be used as a homologation car, Nissan used an advanced version of their ATTESA 4 wheel drive system called ATTESA ET-S. This allowed for an active computer-controlled torque split between the front and rear wheels based off ABS wheel speed sensor input. With the R33, even further improvements were made and introduced as ATTEA ET-S Pro. The functionality is the same as ATTESA ET-S, but allowing for left-right torque split as well as front-back. Putting the ATTESA ET-S Pro system into the car will probably involve heavy modification to the transmission give that it wasn't mean to be used with a transverse layout, but again we're assuming infinite resources here so I'll call it good.

Throw on some slicks with tasteful aero, maybe a slight widebody, and that's my vision. By the end we have something that looks like this:

Honda NSX (GT2 Version)

sounds like this:

and drives like this:

As for the interior, it have a slightly different philosophy: my goals here are cyberpunk/utilitarian aesthetics and ultimate customizability. All graphics on the dash should be customizable, with controls for just about any variable a vehicle could have. Boost, engine timing, torque split, brake bias, aero, throttle profile, valved exhaust on/off, etc. I don't exactly want pure luxury, but A/C and sound system is a must. This is about as close as I could find to what I want:
Cyberpunk Nissan GTR Interior Concept

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good luck, i also have a dream build but... btw you can check my blogs if u want :)

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