Life part 2. tw: sh,s_1c1de, Harassment, trauma.

Im fucking tired, I feel like shit. my life has been going down hill again, and I cant stop it. all of my sins are catching up to me and corrupting me. I've been looking for distractions from my suicidal thoughts. gaming, talking, drawing, everything. im so tired I'm done. 

I barley have any friends and the ones I do have are not in a good head space rn. 

last year I got into a school fight with a kid I use to be friends with. he's been trying to tear apart my friendships and relationships despite me apologizing and agreeing to be on good terms. I've blocked him from my phone but he somehow found my Xbox account and said a bunch of shit. (yes I blocked that account too) 

we had a half day recently and my partner (at the time partner) invited me but we didn't talk at all. my old friend group (with the kid that's harassing me) kept them away from me so I just followed them bc my partner wanted me there. eventually I just stopped following them and grabbed a book to read. but not he's accusing me of following them like some creepy ass person even tho I was invited and they're my friends to. 

he's been bullying me about the fact I started to cry after "beating his ass" saying I was sad I got caught but in reality i was sad i hurt someone i cared about. anyways.. ima take a shower ill be back. 

-LDG 1:54


im feeling better now that im clean, so dont worry about me! i love yall!

-LDG 2:10

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Ur so cool! <3

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*dead girl walking*

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