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the strike happened, only one person who properly committed to it is still employed. i, and many others, are not displeased with the firings though. a) they are hurting badly now, b) after some statements from the bosses, we realized we just didn't want to work there anyway since they were pricks. in my case they literally just beat me to the punch, as the day i was fired i had such a long and busy day; my only moment of rest was 20 minutes i ate in my car after i finished classes.

but, though the strike itself has died down, there are now other things we can do. since we were state employees, we can't do anything about being fired legally.... but hr wise? we sense some discrimination in how we were fired based on the attendance points system. particularly, that there was no leeway for us though there are for others (grounds for termination is 12, many have/had more than 12 for a long time). also, no written or verbal warning and consultation, as is policy. hence, that's a decent case against them to bring up to hr.

anyway, that's all cool. now i have so much more time and i feel a weight off my shoulders. won't be long before i have another work, yippee and thank you dr. kim.

the new social developments went well, i feel. we were at a coffee shop until after the shop closed (we were sitting outside, it was such a beautiful day), had a quick dinner, and went and partook in our personal friend group's movie night. we watched it's such a beautiful day. i agree, bill. conversation flowed naturally, with a few awkward hiccups from me, i feel, but that's natural to the situation.

sorry i couldn't organize spacehey movie club; i was killed throughout the week repeatedly.

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Is anything happening with the causing HR trouble stuff?

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it is quite disjointed these days......

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