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♡ 9:30 》 Castlevania and Tekken: Bloodline

》 finished Castlevania: Nocturne on Netflix and started Tekken: Bloodline

》ofcourse i have notes!

》Nocturne was a 6/10. LOVED the art, animation, and character designs, but it's a given that the series excels at presentation. the story seems a bit bloated. they set up a lot of ideas and spent a lot of time in flashbacks to give the characters development, which feels rushed at times. this is a show which will benefit from more seasons. also idk how im feeling this villain so far. lowkey kinda came out of nowhere with all this importance. i also feel like Richter was a little overshadowed in his own series, but i absolutely love how the show gave the characters realistic emotions and they didnt just tough through their trauma. but that ending had me hype.

》Tekken is alright so far. very pretty and fluid character animation even tho a bulk of it is 3D modeled. i think it was overlooked because of this, but it's an entertaining watch so far.  hits all the basic ass anime story beats but it seems to stay semi-close to the source material

》im just waiting for papa Kazuya to whoop his son's ass tbh

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