Santa is a Criminal, Racist, & a Child/Animal Abuser (WITH PROOF)

hey guys it’s jolie jaded, so my friend rich zombie AKA dakota and I have come to the realization that santa is a RACIST.

you know the christmas we all know and love? well you won’t like it after you’ve read this..

So,, yk how we never hear white people say “ oh i’m going christmas gift shopping “ ??? i usually only hear colored people say that they’re going christmas gift shopping.. SO SANTA ONLY DROPS GIFTS OFF TO WHITE PEOPLE?? cuz i swear they only go shopping for decorations,, and you know how every main character in a christmas movie is white?? why isn’t there a representation santa?? >:c 

And not to mention, he is always invading people’s privacy and business at midnight like he’s some THUG,, and proceeds to go through people’s fridges and drink and eat their milk and cookies because it reminds him of his work environments he provides for his elves, which brings him a strange sense of thrill,,, which is EFFED UP..

Rudolph has reached out to us to break his silence by stating that santa has done nothing to help Rudolph with his encounter of reindeer that bully him and torment him on a daily basis, BUT ALSO is mistreating his reindeer by forcing them to witness his horrific criminal acts every single year..

And we’ve done an EXCLUSIVE interview with one of the elves and they stated that “ we’re not even elves were just kids in costumes..” and they’ve stated that they are forced to live off of milk and cookies to survive because santa does not properly provide nutrition for his hardworking elves.. and they’ve confirmed that it is not only child abuse, but also child neglect and child exploitation ALSO SUGGESTING that they don’t live past the age of 12 because of their diabetes, obesity, and heart failure. They want to request a restraining order and lawsuit against Santa and his workshop because of the trauma he enslaved on them.

in conclusion, santa is not only a child abuser, neglector, a racist, but he’s also mistreating his animals on a daily basis, which we think that that part is the last straw.. I hope we take down that malicious and evil fatass,,,.

thank you for reading,, pls spread awareness and keep santa accountable for his horrific actions


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justice needs to be served ASAP >:(

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young stroker the body snatcher

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rite!! :o

by Jaded Jolie; ; Report


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santa endorses child labor ?!?!? >:O

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yes,, isnt that just horrendous?? o_O

by Jaded Jolie; ; Report

rich zombie

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I hope he goes to jail and justice gets served... those poor elves!! #TakeTheChristmasMonsterDown

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by Jaded Jolie; ; Report