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Current life situations and asking for advice (?)

Hello to whoever reads this,

since this is my first blog entry ever, I wish to be excused for my writing. Firtly because I'm not familiar with this format and secondly because english isn't my mother tongue.

To get to the topic I want to tell you a little bit about life rn. I don't know what exactly is going on and I'm asking for advice. The last days I've been super sleepy like extremely and thus I've been sleeping nearly every afternoon after school. I slept from I'd say 2 or 3pm until 8-10pm. When I got up I did my homework and was on my phone and then went to sleep again at around 2am. To be honest, I have to correct myself from before: I don't really think I was sleepy I'm just extremely bored. So bored that I can't even stand being awake in the afternoon and rather sleeping through the day waiting for it to pass. Writing this made me realize that I sound like a complete loser but honestly I'm very social and have a lot of friends in school. I even like going to school more than I like staying at home. But like that's it my friendships pretty much stay at school. Don't get me wrong: It may seem like they're fake friends then, but they're not. I meet some of my friends on the weekends and stuff but I just don't really find the motivation or time during the week. At home I am especially alone: I'm an only child and pretty much grew up with having to entertain myself. I also didn't meet up with friends that much when I was a child, since I always idk worried? And for all these years being alone has worked. But like now it just feels draining, everything is boring. What even am I supposed to do at home? Watching tiktok, youtube or dancing to music? -Yes, but I've done that nearly a hundred times this day alone. Why has every day to be the same? Why do I not meet up with other people if I'm that social and like generally happy with my friends right now. School feels like the only happy place right now and like that very concerning hahahah. I mean who even likes school? How is even school more fun than having to deal with myself? Why do I not enjoy doing things lately? How am I that sad but also that happy at the same time?

Can anyonhe help me and give me advice how to..idk have more fun? Or however you would word this. I know that some people have worse problems in life but this is just confusing me.

Thank you for reading through this


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You know i used to be in this same situation a couple years ago! I found that experimenting with new hobbies and skills seems to do the trick. You are still in your years of learning and exploring, so go out and do so! Go on a walk and get really personal and familiar with your area (you might even find a cool hangout spot!), join a new club at school (and if none interest you, start one! Theyre great for college applications and resumes too!), pick up a new hobbie such as reading or drawing, and my last advice for friends is to make the first move. Sometimes you have to be the one to do so, invite a friend to watch a movie or even just mess around at a local park!

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Thank you so much for your reply! You really make me feel understood. I will try to listen to your advice and try out something new and also try to get out of my comfort zone and ask my friends to hangout more often.
Recently, fall break started, which I at first thought meant more boredom but I think I'll just have to change my mindset.
Again, thank you dor replying an reading through the whole mess I wrote :)

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of course!! Im glad to have helped :)) and you are right, mindset is everything!

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