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i had 3 rly wierd dreams last night

the first one was where my school had i field trip to aa zoo where you walk across a rly unstable bridge and then i was walking and my croc sandal things fell down and i jumped off the bridgeb to get them and i got eaten by a hippo

the next one was where ryan ross started a school sh00tng at my school and i asked him why did u do this and he looked at me and said mr eisenhart told me to and so i went to mr eisnhart my algebra teacher and was like why did u tell ryan to do this and mr eisenhart was like becase he was in panic at the dsico and the  mr eisenhart started twerking as the school burnd down

and th last one was when myschool puled me in for a adhd test idk why so the test was that i chatch a shark with mgy bare hands at the local ocean (i live no where near an ocean) and i started doing jiu jit su with another kid in the water nd mhy principal started surfing 

all of them last nght 

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I want to live in a world where the 2nd one is real

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oh ok

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