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Peeling a Banana correctly

HOW THE ACTUAL HECK DO YOU PEEL A BANANA CORRECTLY?!?!? Okay so, everytime I grab a banana and try to peel it, IT ALWAYS SPLITS IN HALF! This is actually so unfair and I get so jelous whenever I witness someone peel a banana correctly. I am so tired of trying to peel a banana correctly again and again. I think I might just give up and never eat bananas again.

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You have to pull the top up and to the side all at once.

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you bite the top bit off then peel it like it’s a ugly rude guys dick duh :/

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maybe it's because you SUCK

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MAYBE its cause your FATHER left you!!

by Annette; ; Report

i don't experience psychosis

by D1G1T4L!!!; ; Report