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sparkstember 2023 day 27

the sparks brothers!!!

rewriting this because i accidentally exited out of the tab before i posted it and i'm gonna scream and cry about it... now this post might be a little different because i'll only be reviewing the like 5 tracks that were specific and new to the sparks brothers documentary, as the rest of the playlist is already existing sparks songs. however, i did cry during my first listen through because i wasn't anticipating hearing barbecutie (my favorite sparks song) and out of shock and love for the song and sparks i started tearing up on the bus and i just let those tears flow. the playlist actually slayed bc i could remember those sweet sweet gorgeous amazing sparks hits from the other albums that i so dearly missed after forcing myself to only listen to one album a day.

faves: computer girl (!!!!!!! actually so good i love early sparks... the lyrics are actually amazing ron has always been such a genius), sparks documentary film fanfare (makes me giggle... fanfare!!! the opening film fanfare!!! documentary film fanfare!!! edgar wright film fanfare!!!), amateur hour - lyric read (neil gayman learns about teenage sex), my way / when do i get to sing my way - live in london 2018 (HE DID IT!!!!!! HE SANG MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I LOVE YOU RUSSELL MAEL!!!!!!!! i almost cried at this too but i was in forensics when i first heard it and that would have been weird), my baby's taking me home - live in london 2018 (crying sobbing throwing up I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! SO SIMPLE YET SO COMPLEX!!!!!!!), what the hell is it this time? - live in london (haha God moment i love God (don't question why i capitalize it okay...), i love the irony) yurrrb all the songs are muy delicioso (je ne sais pas le conjugation correct).

the cover is interesting, but it's so kant i can't not love it. like why is ron a mask? i don't know. why does the sparks logo look like it says fparks? i don't know (this is not a unique thought to this cover, i just have always wondered. it's kant tho so i love)... the little stars.... sobbing. this is so templeton twins but instead of blue and orange it's black and pink (no one understands this reference and i am forced to come to terms with that).

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russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️

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nothing to say really it's not actually an album but you should watch the sparks brothers rah rah

by russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️; ; Report


by georgie ☆; ; Report

i'm excited to watch all of the bonus features i bought last night :3 tboy russell ...

by russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️; ; Report

tboy russell...... you need to show me

by georgie ☆; ; Report

i'll see if i can screen record it on my computer tonight. if not i will film my device with another i will get you your tboy russell

by russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️; ; Report


by georgie ☆; ; Report