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hai guys soooo this is kinda my dni/byi i dont really have a dni, cuz im open to everybody unless ur like a p3d0 or sum shit. so this is like a byi.  

im going to start by saying, i have autism and schizophernia. im not good at spelling(terrible really😭) so i apolgize before hand lol. if we r friends i might accidently overshare, if i do, please tell me!! my prounouns are they/he so plz usr tjemm,,,raaahhhtff idk what else to put :( im pretty clingy tho and im kinda unactive (im on a phone, AND with strict parents😭😭 it sucks!) so im sorry for that,,,,  i talk in all caps like every time i type soo yeaa

anways if any onw wants to be friends plz tell me x3

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