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Metis Land Claims Entry

I was chatting with my mom again abt metis history and like in 1812  metis people were never formally considered aboriginal by the government so like they never had any formal laws cause like the royal proclamation only stated it was for first nations people right? So like the canadian gov wanted to scout out metis land sent survey dudes near red river so the metis people who lived in red river like rose up and formed the red river rebellion which eventually led to the government  making the manitoba act and so that was like formally recognizing metis people as indigenous and it was also supposed to set aside land for metis people but that didn't really work out since the didnt even give out the land even through they said they would! They created like this little paper certificate that you could hand in to get you land but like since they were easily forged the idea was tossed out. And like metis people were left wandering from province to province with no were to live which is totally unfair so like then the canadian gov created the dominion act which promised to give 160 acres of land to the head of every metis family but barely any of this land was actually given out and the  the canadian gov totally  fell though on their promise  again. The metis people kept wandering from different provinces looking for places to settle and some metis people built their houses and stuff in road allowances which is like land that the government owned that were used to build roads if needed. And like  they built their houses in these tiny slots of land

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