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Royal Proclamation Entry:

i was talking 2 my mom about like our history, because if i’m being honest i really don’t know a lot about my history !! because i’m part Cree and part Canadian.. anyways, so u know how the Cree is one of the largest First Nations in Canada. but like if u want specifics i’m actually Eastern Cree,, cuz they were kinda spread out across Manitoba; i can actually understand a lot of the language but i just really struggle with speaking.. Anyways, me and my mom were talking about the Royal Proclamation of 1763.. it’s super important to our culture today because it’s the first official relationship between the British crown and the First Nations!! so basically this was an agreement between the British and the Indigenous peoples who were sharing the land around the appalachian mountains (which is like around Newfoundland to like central Alabama). The crown like wanted to have a positive relationship with the Indigenous people living there, so they split the land down the middle. the old settlers got the East side, and the West side was for the Indigenous people. but idk the Americans were really mad and still pushed to the west anyways and displaced the Indigneous people living there!! then they went to war for like 2 years !! but at least the Proclamation recognized the rights of the First Nations !! however, my mom said it was like the crown established a monopoly over OUR land ! which i can totally see, because like did the Indigenous people really need a piece of paper to show that they had rights to their own land ?!?! idk my mom isn’t like super supportive of it, but i guess it is nice in the way that they at LEAST recognized us. plus some people call it the Charter of Rights for the Indigenous people. 

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