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tyv theories

ALRiGHT so as you know brendon urie has FINALLY made an end to his career and the young veins (ryan and jon's band) is most likely making a comeback. jon has made a new insta account for tyv and a remastered version of take a vacation! came out. also a new picture of ryan ross got posted and we havent been fed since oct 2022. well its not much, since a remastered version is just a well.. remastered version. no re recordings or anything. plus ryan hasn't really contributed. it was js jon. he is trying to get in contact with ryan again, and im pretty sure they are in contact. ALSO in april of 2k23, a guy who is friends with ryan said in a livestream that ryan is working on stuff. and jon said "keep in touch if or when anything happens" well he may be talking abt the remastered version, or he could be talking about a new album. the wikipedia was changed from "the young veins was..." to "the young veins is..." but recently it got changed again. interesting. jon and maybe ryan is also working on making a record on vinyl and maybe cd im not sure. jon posted a test vinyl thing (sorry i forget what theyre called xd) on his story. and also it has been 10 years since they broke up. lots of bands have had reunions after 10 years or a 10 year anniversary. im not sure if theyll come back but i hope they will!!!! 


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I agree since Ryan Ross came back from the dead like yesterday and posted something and also changed his profile pic and bio

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