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me rn

》we made it to friday (let's gooooo)

》i haven't been good on my diet this week. started strong and then i got lazy, missing meals and stuff. i've been hitting the gym consistently, but we gotta eat big to get big, ya feel me?

》going to AMA, and my armor is coming along about as okay as i thought (i've had to reattach the same zipper 6 times) but i genuinely enjoy crafting the costume.

》mostly a skill issue, but the rest of the costume i'm super proud of

》very very excited for october to kick off so all the spooks can unfold

》i'm spending time with two people i met online this weekend, so i hope the social interaction keeps the depression at bay :)

》i enjoy meeting people, but i hate that the internet has a monopoly on social spaces. it's the only way to get out at meet people in your 20's i suppose

》gonna also use the weekend to start designing elements for my website and meal prep cause i'll be damned if i miss another meal FIYTA

》{Bobbie left the chat}

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