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I'm bored part 3

Forgot to update this yesterday (not that anyone's that invested lol)

I got kicked out of my stunt group for the school's homecoming pep rally. I know it doesn't really matter, it's just a stupid pep rally and no one pays attention to the cheerleaders anyway, but I'm still so angry about it. I'm the most qualified flyer on the team, I'm the only cheerleader that hasn't quit in the past, and I'm able to do stunts that are twice the difficulty level of anyone else, yet me (and my one base, who is also more qualified than most of the other bases) were quite literally grounded. I missed cheer practice twice this entire season, both for soccer games, one being the most recent cheer practice, and I get kicked from my stunt? I was even told by the coach that I was allowed to miss because I knew everything. There's these two girls on the team that miss practices CONSTANTLY. The one misses to stay over at her boyfriend's house, and the other just skips. Yet they've never been punished or removed from their stunts. Actually, the one girl was even moved to the center of the front row during one of the practices she missed. The flyer who they're putting up on my stunt group also joined LAST WEEK. I was told by the coach that this is what the team decided on together, and what they're most comfortable with, which I know is a lie. My other base came up to me to complain cause I was replaced with someone who can't fly and she doesn't think she'll be able to preform the stunt at the pep rally, and the flyer who's going up on my counts is scared because she doesn't know them. Not to mention that I don't know the cheer outside of the stunt, and don't know what to do. The coach and captains also keep acting like I got a better spot standing on the ground than I did at the top of the stunt, which is bullshit. 

Anyway. I'm frustrated and that's my rant. 

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