I hate my school district adn the dumb bitch whose our principal

My school had blocked coolmathgames, a crime that should be punishable by public execution, death by electric chair, firing squad ANYTHING11!!!! im going to burn down their bouildings... not only did they block coolmath they just recently blcoked COKIE CLICKER RAguuuAAAUUUUGHHHHH DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING RICH I WAS DUDE!!!!!? I HAD 4 TRILLION COOKIES AND A COUNTLESS AMOUNTH OF GRANDMAS WHEN I FIND THE PERSON WHO DID THIS IM GOING TO write them a strongly worded letter BECAUSE I HATE THEM DIE all of you... i hope their computers blow up in their faces, like honestly why would you ruin kids joy like that you sick sick freaks think of the children FREE ME!!!!!!!! 

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