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What is worse, The Wasp Factory or Atonement? From a English Literature boy

If someone told me I would lose half my patience and hold back a nervous fall each time I see eyes on either of the books, I would DROPPED THE DAMN SUBJECT. But since I’m Language/Book smart, it’s the only thing keeping me from having a spot at a Tesco’s. My experience with The Wasp Factory was a choice, I chose to read it but, although i did heard about how gruesome it was, i thought not much about it and i still read it. Mf i should have just stayed curious. 

Bro deadass, MC (frank) blows up and massacres a whole generation of bunnies because it bothered him. MY GUY IS TRANS TOO and mysoginist, like what.

Not just that, his father is worse, unwillingly and without Frank’s knowledge, gives him hormones and slowly turns him into a lil military obssessed-gore kid.

Oh, and Atonoment. Do not. Briony is a narcissist liar, attention seeking and it’s her parents fault, and if i hear one more time Briony was just jealous of Cecilia because of her relations with Robbie;

  1. You are sublty supporting p-dos, and probably analysed the relations between Lola and Marshall in a scary away, it’s not for a good grade anymore, it’s just because you like THAT
  2. You probably are a Briony irl, how’s the sugar daddy search going?
  3. You use Twitter way too much 

The themes of love in them, for how complex they can get, i get wayy too unsettled whenever it comes with CHAPTER FUCKING 4 AND 13. BUT ALSO THE WEDDING SCENE, i can’t really handle it well and i’m glad i aint the only one. An English Literature course will only get worse and worse the more you stay and alhtough it all fiction, it’s very scary the amount of people that are invested in a book with such topics. I do understand about The Wasp Factory and the shock reaction from the gore but it’s the beliefs some of the characters hold that makes my skin wrinkle like a dead muscle and makes me want to choke on a pencil. 

As you can see, i really do like literatu- (sarcasm)

(Will rant more about my Lit course)

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babe go back to bed please

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