MIDI Files

MIDI Files

Y'know MIDI files. I have been thinking about them recently. That is partly why I added them to the audio section of the file center on my website. They are mostly a relic from the 90s when hard drive sizes were tiny, so people didn't want MP3s taking up like 50% of the storage on their computer. So because MIDI files use computer code for instruments and don't hold actual recorded performances of songs, they took up a lot less than MP3s. There is also this charm with them because of the aforementioned computer code. It sounds unique because of the instrument thingys built in computers. For example, if you listen to a MP3 file and you pause, it pauses RIGHT where you were. When you resume playback, it has no weird audio mishaps (that is if the MP3 wasn't corrupted). On the other hand with MIDI files, when you pause, the instruments still resume until the note they do is finished. When you resume, the instruments which would normally be held through would not be there because they already completed when you paused it. I do have to clarify ONE thing though. MIDI is still used for instruments today and as such is still relevant. I am talking about the period in the 90s and early 2000s when people recreated songs in these MIDI files so their storage wouldn't fill up. This was just a thought on MIDI files, because why not! :)

An example of the places people would go to download these MIDI files

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