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Outfit + long blog (september 28th)

Hello!! PICTURES MAY TAKE A BIT TO LOAD!! Today I woke Up early, got dressed up and tried a new makeup style (no pics) :3 two days ago I got a package with a new hat and pants so I wore those in the morning (no pics again :c) and tripped a lot because it had like, chains xD I didn't have many clothes that good with it so I just stuck to wearing my classic blink-182 hoodie zipped up even tho it was hot outside :> we went to get antidepressants for my grandma and my brother, the line was long so we stood there for a while... in the meantime I got to know my sister better and we talked about our favourite foods and shit >_<

After that we went to the market... oh the market!! so loud and chaotic!! I like going there with my family but I get so disoriented I have to hold onto someone, I cannot think or function wth all that noise and people around T_T we got some agave syrup, some premade salads, a lottery thingy, chocolate for baking and a bunch of veggies that I used to make lunch!! I made sautéed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, carrot, zucchini, spring onion), rice and soy! also added some garlic and ofc salt :3 it was simple, since I'm on a diet I cannot eat much... I left half so I can eat it for lunch tomorrow! 

after yummy lunch I went for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG walk with my sister, we bought some coca cola and chilled at the park! they're renovating the kids area so we weren't able to check the whole place tho! we stopped to several places looking for juice but we had to settle for the coke :P 

after that  we went to a mall I've never been to, It was built while I was a shut-in so it was completely new to me O_O there was a lot of cute stuff, what I liked the most where the teddy bear pan and the strawberry bowl! they also had these cute cat bowls that I thought my mom would like hehe if I had the money I would've gotten her one! they had basically eveything in there, but some of it was pretty expensive... I also took a pic of my comfy walk fit in the mirror area, they also had very cute decor there :3 I wore a black cap with a miku pin, A miku t-shirt, my blink-182 hoodie, black jeans and pastel running shoes with black socks >_< the whole walk was 14k steps in total

after that I rested a little, changed clothes and went to my grandma's... I was having lots of fun eating choco cakes til my cousing arrived with her bf... it was super awkward, nobody likes him cuz he got my cousin into bad stuff and my grandma was basically either ignoring them and talking to us or silent xD my aunt went a lil crazy, she was loud and hyper but it is because she doesn't get along with my cousins mom, and neither does my grandma or my mom... talking about that, my cousin's mom tried asking for a belonging of my uncle who has passed away, it upset my grandma and told her she won't get any of her sons belongings til she dies... tension was high. after that we talked about a horrible situation going on in my other cousins life and it was too depressing, so we left shortly after.

Now I'm home, the moon looked beautiful on the way back and I'm probably gonna stream myself finishing a commission I have to do... although I'm super tired so it is not guaranteed...

love you guys, have an amazing day! I might read other blogs while I wait til there's silence to stream :3 see you tomorrow

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