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Running my first session of Monster of the Week!

This is one of those PbtA systems that I've always wanted to play but never gotten around to. Originally, it was just going to be my polycule but we invited another friend because it seemed right up faer alley.

For the first mystery, I wanted something familiar (to me) so I could focus on facilitating rolls and rules so I actually set it in my home city! I already knew I wanted the first mission to be ghost-based which meant I could use my existing knowledge about local hauntings and paranormal activity while supplementing it with improv and spooky happenings.

It was SO fun. There were plenty of times that I could hear in their voices that they were spooked/creeped out by what was happening and it just made me feel so much more confident in Keeper-ing. I'm so excited to run again next week :D

Favourite Moments:

  • The party (specially Amy, the Hexed) committing arson within the first hour in-game
  • Tobbi (the Monstrous) sitting in the van to listen to the radio/news, only to immediately start jamming out to Wonderwall once the breaking news is over.
  • Eliana (the Summoned) pulling out a bottle of shampoo in the middle of a Greggs and then drinking it.
  • Jacques (the Mundane) refusing to believe ghosts are real until one ran at him and vanished upon impact with his baseball bat.
  • Joking that a famous youtuber from my city went missing in the caves.
  • SO many red herrings being thrown at them.
  • The players canonising ME in the world. And then doxxing in-game me with my real address and phone number.

Some Silly Quotes:

  • "I turn Eli into a basic white man, and-" (sounding increasingly more depressed) "I become...the...LARPer..."
  • "I can't believe I baseball batted a little girl"
  • "WHAT DO YOU MEAN? IT'S HIS HOLE!" "I thought we were going to stop calling it that."
  • "Let's just pay for it or whatever this time." (dead silence) "*BURP* yep"
  • "I mean, if you've lived since the civil war and you aren't rich, just end it" "I mean, he fought in the civil war so he was probably a slaver, and those guys made bank"
  • "I'm sorry, I don't know what children sound like" "Not fucking Balloon Boy"
  • "Tony!" :D "... TONY!!!" D:
  • "I want to look like Taron Egerton but a little ugly." "Ok, looking like a celebrity is a BAD idea." "That's why I said but a little ugly." "You can be Taron Egerton but stung by a bee."

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