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sparkstember 2023 day 26

a steady drip, drip, drip!!!

this album was actually pretty good yk, i would agree that this is a pretty good starter album for sparks, yk for getting a feel of modern sparks (though i do recognize some elements that are similar to older sparks)! since i am writing this two days after, this review is probably going to be a little light. overall, really well put together and i love it when artists accidentally predict the covid-19 pandemic (djo reference)! i love the combination of just like silly little songs and really beautiful meaningful ones.

faves: i'm toast (it's so weezer red album troublemaker core), all that (les champs-elysées cough french reference), stravinsky's only hit (grrrargh guitars..), iphone (lucky me i don't have an iphone so i get to be chronically online!!!), please don't fuck up my world (hhhhhhngh), sainthood is not in your future (i've always wanted to be a saint...), left out in the cold (i never really recognize this song when it starts, but about halfway through i'm like ohhhh yeah this is a bop), self-effacing (mecore!), lawnmower (sparks reference), omg all the songs are so good (but i can't remember why ahahahah i promise i love them).

i think this cover is pretty cute! it's about in the middle in terms of sparks covers yk, but still kant. so silly that ron is covered and russ is perfectly clean... in outer space reference!!! slay album i loved it :3

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russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️

russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️'s profile picture

i would Not put someone onto sparks with this album but there's no one sparks record to show you everything they can do. if you want to get the gist of things without listening to 5 or so albums all you've got is a best of compilation. i always tell people to start with kimono my house though and i find listening to a full album is a much better experience

i like the album but i find it's a bit bloated. still some great tracks on here and you can never go wrong with sparks

i feel the same way about the cover, not their best but it's cute and it's kant as always

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i know i said 5 "or so" but 5 certainly isn't enough so many styles rahhhhh (this is a good thing)

by russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️; ; Report

it's a good starting album after you've listened to the first five sparks albums plus lil' beethoven.

there does seem to be a bit of filler in there, i wasn't totally engaged throughout all of the songs but they weren't notably horrible to listen to (as i've found with certain weezer albums cough cough the black album and pacific daydream)

by georgie ☆; ; Report

not really you need to hear angst and no1 in heaven too

hippo is the superior modern sparks record

by russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️; ; Report

right!!!!! how could i forget about angst

by georgie ☆; ; Report

also very true.... hippo was yummy in my tummy

by georgie ☆; ; Report

yeah there are no "bad" songs some of them just aren't very compelling

by russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️; ; Report