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i came out as trans (ftm) like to a few friends and one of them (lets call her S) was quite weird with it, S said "oh isnt milo my name and how are you trans" when milo wasn't her name and like i had to explain what trans was to her she said "oh you're not really trans because you dont have a penis" it made me feel sick and weird and now i feel so much anxiety because if she tells my mom shes gonna be disgusted and disappointed with me and i can just imagine her telling me that im not a boy and that im mentally ill (i am already lmfao) i hate it i hate it so fucking much i just wanna be accepted im trying my best to not feel and look like a girl anymore because it makes me feel disgusted yet when i look in the mirror im not a boy i still have boobs and hips n all that i wanna be a boy so that i can feel like myself and feel comfortable why cant people just accept that

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DAWG BRO UHH PEOPLE i asked S why she called A (A is an old friend) by his dead name and she said because she didn't have any respect for him....we had this huge like argument about misgendering and using the wrong pronouns on purpose is transphobic and she said i was out of order for calling her transphobic and uh i feel sick 3 so erm idk whether to drop her or not

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that's nasty, man, S sounds like a bad friend :(

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i know i do think about dropping her but she knows so much about me she could out me to my whole family

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