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Stories: A Bunny Fight

Dear "Life as a Teenager" viewers,

Similar to many other teens my age I have a part-time job. There was once upon a time when I held MANY part-time jobs, but I'm seventeen this year, and I want to enjoy life. Yesterday, I worked one of my many shifts as a part-time nanny. Now listen, you may think that's an easy job, but you don't know kids. Kids are truly the purest parts of life...until they tell you they want to WALK their bunny. Yes, you read that right. WALK A BUNNY! With a little purple harness that I'm supposed to miraculously get around the body of a tiny creature that won't keep still. While I would've not liked to attempt this challenge it beat having to listen to a child scream and cry when I say no. 

Growing up on a farm, I've tended to lots of animals, including bunnies. So I know damm well that when you grab a bunny you are supposed to grab it by the fur on the back of its neck. Which is exactly what I did and THOUGHT the little girl I nanny for would have known. But you see, that was my mistake. I shouldn't have assumed because next thing you know the little girl throws the bunny on the grass and I'm left chasing it throughout the yard. Now imagine that me, Viola Black, chasing a bunny rabbit in the backyard of a 5-year-old. Eventually, I caught the bunny but unfortunately for my hands, I'm left with battle scars from the adventure bunny escape. 

The lesson of this story you ask? Well, it's to never assume...and maybe come prepared for battle when you want to walk your bunny. 

Until next time, 

Viola Black


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