GBE #6 Oh, that smell

I have a super sniffer. When I was pregnant I could catch the scent of a strawberry stand that was over 1/4 mile away, if the wind was right.

I am one of those people who has to sniff everything. And, I mean EVERY single thing. Pick a rock up at the beach, sniff it. Pick a plush toy off the shelf at a store, sniff it.           I definitely have to sniff something before I buy it as a gift, because I can't give a stinky present....

Scent has guided me my whole life. There used to be a commercial who's tagline was, "Follow your nose." That is definitely me. I've followed my nose plenty of times to get to the root of a scent. After having children that wasn't always a good thing🤣

My favorite scent is my bonus Mom. She came into my life when I was 10, and lost.

 I needed a mom to cuddle and love me. A mom that would stop for hugs, instead of "Not now, Chris. I'm busy." I actually got that from biomom last Friday, after not seeing her for over a year. But, I digress. That is a blog for another time.

Back to my Smell Good Mommy. She smells like comfort, love, safety, security, warmth, all rolled into one huggy package. She thinks it's the Calvin Kline she wears. I think it's just her. 

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Slow Joe

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My wife has a strong sniffer as well. It's honestly a pain in the ass. She's always making me empty the garbage or clean up the kitchen or finally shower after three days, etc.

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The hubs isn't fond of it, either.

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