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dni i think?


basic dni; racists, transphobes, homophobes, sexists, map, etc. use common sense. have basic human decency.

endogenic systems/supporters.

if you don't support xenogenders and neopronouns.

(difference between xenopronouns and neopronouns is that xenoprns are a hypothetical pronoun, that can't be expressed in words or text or actions (eg. the colour blue in your mind's eye, not an image or emoji or said out loud as the word.), and neopronouns are just pronouns outside of the 'typical' he/she (such as they/them, xe/xem, star/stars, pup/pups/pupself, ♪, 🍄.) (this part isn't apart of the dni.)

dream stans; dteam supporters.

if you annoy and harrass people on purpose, or you hate on people or their interests for no reason.


if you share interests with me! in other words, you have ranboo as your special interest.

some other stuff:

i am autistic, and i have avoidant personality disorder and social anxiety. i would highly appreciate it if you use tone tags! i probably will not be able to understand tone without it.

i am a minor!

we are a system, my name is crumb and i am the host! i am a crumb (cuptoast) introject.

i really don't like getting into drama or arguments. please don't pull me into those.

i can not hold a conversation for the life of me i am so sorry

i will probably not message unless you message first!

thats all, really.

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