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my bf

I love my bf, I love him today, tomorrow, always, and forever. He means the world to me. call me obsessed because that's what I am, if it weren't for him I wouldn't be here I would be dead. I wish he could see just how much he means to me. I wanna grow old with him, I want us to get married and live together for the rest of our lives. I want us to get all the pets we dream of. I wanna be able to fall asleep in his arms each night and wake up with him each morning. I might be dumb or naive but I genuinely think this isn't dumb high school shit, this is real. I love him and I'm always gonna love him, no matter what. He could shatter my heart into a million pieces and I'd still love him. I miss him so much even when we are apart for just 5 minutes, sure I might be clingy but it's true. I hate being away from him for more than 24 hours, it makes the voices get so loud. I love him, I love him today, I'l love him tomorrow, I'll love him forever. I want him to see just how much he means to me so I'm writing all this out because half the damn time I'm too afraid to tell him this all to his face. I love him, always and forever.

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I love you so much :)

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