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The 420 Report: Nightshade! :O

The October strain I have for the month is Nightshade. Yeah, not the poisonous one! XD

When my plug told me the name I had a bit of shock there, I admit. But it's a legit strain, so here we go!

The buds are hmm, semi-tight. More compact than the London Poundcake I just had, but not insanely, break-your-grinder tight like some I've had. They have that Army-green look with some black in there, nice kinda spherical flowers.

The smell is mild on this batch; it's a little floral, a whiff of diesel. The buds are heavy for their size. It grinds nicely.  :)

Okay! As usual into glass for a clean first hit. The smoke's a little sour on the tongue, nice and thick. And okay, yeah, that hits like a brick right off the bat! Damn! XD

So, quick acceleration, like a Ferrari! Feels like this is going to be a spacey, trippy high. Leafly says it's an Indica dominant cross between Kashmir and Nepalese. Noice. XD

Two big ol' thumbs up on this one for sure! Wheee!  Y'all enjoy your day now, ya hear?  :D

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Jon 🐇

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I can already tell it's full of couch glue. . . :)

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