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Why must arguing with guys be such a chore

You can be so sarcastic and be so obvious that you could be playing dumb but guys wouldn't see that. they just see a dumb girl. guys can play stupid, they make "dark" humor and that it doesn't make them racist or anything cause it's a joke but I say "I want all men to die" "men could not survive a zombie apocalypse cause men aren't that great" when like? does it matter? It's the Internet since when did anything hold meaning anymore. Idk I guess the surface level guys are just that. Surface level. I'm sure the guys here are alright. 

But God I hate men on Twitter/Instagram 

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>I'm sure the guys here are alright.

Implying *anyone* here is alright lmao

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I'll take the mentally ill bitches (me) than men who think they know everything any day of the week lmao

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