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*itch.io games review? 1/?

*hi noelle here ^^ im on a "playing free games on itch.io because im sick with nothing bether to do so i dont lose my mind with boredom" kick heheh :p i wont rate these on a number value because its too much work and i like them a LOT!!

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*your wings my wings (game here)

*i absolutely loved this !! it was such an emotional game that i teared up a little bit ^^ the music alongside the nature ambiance was sooo pretty.. i also loved the use of (what i think was) physical art mediums (esp at the beginning) but either way the colors were so beautiful i found myself wanting to take in every frame... which took like SO LONG but it was SO WORTH IT (mostly because im a huuuge art nerd fahaha). it was a really short game to begin with and i couldnt really grasp most of what was happening ^^'' lol and the ending was super confusing to me but thats okay!! i kinda liked not really understanding it despite playing through it lolalso i totally understans the idea of not being in the right body.. suzu gets me.. (i also really loved the slime girls i thought they were so cute ^^)

*id truly recommend it so somebody who wants a more atmospheric visual novel experience and who would appreciate the art and sound design!

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* id die a lovely death (game here)

*first things first this game was so silly! i loved the dialogue and story so so so much! it was very fun to read! also the art style!! it was so fun! i absolutely loved this game and the ending did make me cry ill admit X) it was so sweet and funny and cute! it also was a little creepy at times so i adored that :P AND LEST I FORGET THE MUSIC! oh ehm ge id be lying i said if the music in here wasnt some of the most beautiful music ive ever heard.. (slight spoilers)and the ending song of uni and nuña in heaven wasnt part of the reason why i cried ^^ it  was a very short visual novel as well!

*very cute and funny alongside stunning visuals and amazing music!

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*death caps (game here)

*tbh i didnt really have much to say about this >> it was very short and i had a hard time with reading this because of the format but what i did understand it was really a good introspective look into being trans and feelings. i really did enjoy it though.. i thought the art style was very nice (mostly because im a sucker for pixel brushes) and i found the way the MC interacted with his partner very cute ^^ it read more as a journal about his emotions in the moment than it did him actually experiencing it at that moment in time faha

*generally a pretty good game that read more like a short story to me X) the music also used really matched the emotion of the scenes!

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*aaand thats it for now! i honestly am getting really tired so i played through these pretty fast and i had a really good time with all of them (^_^) i hope you all can find the time to play them on your own time! have a good day/night :O) bye bye!

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*BTW if you have any games you would like me to play/"review" i would super love if you sent the links my way ^_^

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