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Who am I? (Introduction!!)

Well, I've been on spacehey for a while and noticed that I've never actually introduced myself... 

Well I'm Philip!! Name from the South Park character Pip Pirrup, I'm Abrogender, Pansexual, and Polyamorous. I thought I was transgender once (ftm), so I took the name Philip and just stuck to it. I'm thirteen years old and autistic, I deal with some mental issues and stuff yk. I go by the pronouns he/they, bat/bats, and vamp/vamps!! I can also sound rude at times by accident and I also make alot of vent posts and stuff..My favorite shows are DHMIS, PTP, SP, and Moral orel, My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance, Green day, Queen, Slipknot, System of a down, pierce the veil, and fall out boy. I can also get really attached very easily, rather it being a thing, person, or song. I can kinda draw so ig I'm kinda an artist, I also sometimes agere. I have 4 biological younger siblings and 3 step siblings. I have 1 dog and a really shitty sleep schedule. I also go by the nicknames Pip, and Gerard!! Please read down below for BYF and DNI


Z0oph1les, N4z1s, Homophobes, Transphobes, Abusers, Slut shamers, NSFW accs, GORE accs, ect


I'm a minor!!, I do age regression, I vent a lot, I do react badly to small things, I get triggered by bright lights, loud sounds, and other things I can't remember, yes I'm a big Gerard simp.

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