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Tetrodotoxin Rant! (I am utterly obsessed)

Tetrodotoxin is genuinely super cool. Tetrodotoxin is a poison found in some marine life (mostly pufferfish.) 

Tetrodotoxin is a very very deadly poison, as once you ingest it there’s not much you can do. It blocks your sodium channels, making your body incapable of sending neurons to your brain. It causes paralysis to the point you cannot move a finger, then eventually your heart stops or nervous system shuts down, you’re still completely conscious until the moment you die, which could take up to four hours. 

Most cases of tetrodotoxin poisoning came from a dish in Japan called Fugu (it’s pufferfish) to the point they outlawed fugu multiple times! To this day the emperor isn’t allowed to eat it, and the liver is illegal to eat, since it’s the most deadly. Cases have gone drastically down since then.

Anyways! I find this topic REALLY interesting, so feel free to msg me and I can say more :3

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