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My favorite characters! I don't know if there are similarities between them. Lol. I won't say why they're my favorites here because I was already doing that on a Google doc and I can't be bothered to do it here.

Will finish later.

A3!: Itaru

Animal Crossing: Gulliver

Cookie Run: Kingdom: Strawberry Crepe Cookie

D4DJ: Esora, Rinku

Enstars: Kohaku, Natsume, Leo, Souma, Makoto

Genshin Impact: Hu Tao

Helios Rising Heroes: Sage

Honkai Star Rail: Pela

Hypmic: Hifumi


Mahoyaku: Chloe

Mystic Messenger: Yoosung

Obey Me!: Simeon

Paradox Live: Shogo

Project SEKAI: Akito, Nene

Revue Starlight: Lalafin

Sky: Children of the Light: Light Whisperer

Super Mario franchise: Daisy

Tokyo 7th Sisters: Shione

TSUKIPRO: Lico, Ayumu

World Dai Star: Tsubomi

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having more than one fave is hard tbh. can’t even keep up with enstars since i have two faves on pjsk (game i mainly play) and i have like three “main” faves but i produce my top five charas. i lose

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