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name: Jaeger 

nickname: ig Jaeg/Yeag :DD

zodiac sign: Taurussss

height: 5'2" 3/4 (i fuckin love my 3/4 okay???) 

what's your middle name?: marie  qwq

shoes you wore today: Uggs

your weakness: (idk if this is like...literal or not but uhhh)... ig chocolate ice cream??

your fear: centipedes, and wasps

goal you would like to achieve this year: graduate qwq

best physical feature: my eye shape 

who is your bestest friend?: irl? my 2 besties M and J

your most cherished memory: getting a pumpkin and naming it Jack Michael (jack from the nightmare before christmas, and the michael from halloween by rob zombie)

pepsi or coke?: simple... flat dr. pepper after waking up with INSANE mouth dryness and it's the only thing you have 

mcdonalds or burger king?: neither, i like luna tea better

single or group dates?: single

what is the last song you sang?: social path (by stray kids and lisa)

does playing the guitar make a person more attractive?: YES (also drums too)

have you ever drank?: yep, i hated it

have you ever been drunk?: no sirrr

have you ever smoked?: yep (i vape and smoke weed :/)

do you sing?: yessirrr but not in front of people

do you want to go to college?: Yes

have you ever been in love?: i AM in love tf XD 

do you want to get married?: naaaah if we get a divorce it's too much work 

do you believe in yourself?: sometimes ig

do you believe in others?: if i care about them enough then yeah

do you like thunderstorms?: hell YEAH

do you play an instrument?: yep, acoustic and electric guitar (i put it off for a bit but ik a few simple easy riffs)

what country would you like to visit?: canada

how many CDs do you own?: zilch

how many DVDs do you own?: nodda

how many tattoos do you have?: 1 but i wanna get more

how many piercings do you have?: 2 but alas my nose piercing fell out and it hurted too much to put back in so i let it close (getting it back tho)

how many things in the past do you regret?: ig i regret a lot of things from middle school and earlier cause i was a dumb ass kid


shoes: converse

drink: matcha boba or mt. dew or dr. pepper

car: dodges (but im a motorcycle person, just wait til i get my own qwq)

place: my room

song: Murder Funk -kiraw

movie: Halloween (by rob zombie) and also the 2nd one

moment: seeing my dad kids and my mom kids playing together (they divorced :/)

colour: black or light grey

meal: burgers, or ramen with extra naruto and tonkatsu broth :^


eye colour: brown

hair colour: brown with red in it? (idk it looks kid of reddish brown in the sun)

short or long hair: idk how to say it but uh.... just at my shoulder

body type: curvy? 

ethnicity: BLACK eeheheheheheeee

do you think you are attractive?: i do actually...for once XD

cuddles in general?: YESSSS

what time is it?: 7:03 central 

what are you listening to?: XTC - kiraw

is it raining?: no but i wish it was 

are you happy?: yeah

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omg finally someone who likes his music qwq

by zestypotat; ; Report

Yesss his stuff is amazing

by ★・・・★Moon Jelly★・・・★; ; Report

YESSSS i LOVE murder funk by him

by zestypotat; ; Report

Omfg yes murder funk is amazing

by ★・・・★Moon Jelly★・・・★; ; Report