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I'm bored part 2

This week is my school's homecoming so we had to sit in homeroom for two hours today to watch a video about the kids on homecoming court. It sucks. Last year I was in art so I just did art the whole time, but this year I'm in the stupid economics classroom T-T Its so dumb anyway. Everyone except for the "popular" kids know it's rigged anyway. There were a few kids that the entirety of the music, theater and art departments all voted for and they didn't get on the court? Instead a bunch of kids that no one likes and no one voted for got on. Like, I don't know a single person who's on court that anyone voted for. A few kids people even thought moved away they haven't seen them for so long. Also, I guess nobody finds it suspicious that for the past 4 years at least the only people who have been on the homecoming court are all kids that are part of the club that run the homecoming dance/pep rally? Literally nobody but the people in that club have been able to get on the court, and there's only like 12 seniors in that club and they're all on the court. Like? It has to be obvious.

On a better note I have a soccer game today. I think it's gonna be fun. I mean, I know we're probably getting destroyed, but I'm still just gonna have fun. I'm the JV captain AHAHAHHHHH The bus ride is like an hour tho so I'm praying that my phone lasts me long enough that I'm able to listen to music the way down and back without it dying. Wish me luck. I'm also going to see if the coach will let the JV team make a playlist for our warmup, so we don't have to listen to the varsity's. The varsity's playlist SUCKS. It's just a bunch of bad rap and tiktok songs. 

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