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talking into the void sept 27

hi! guess im gonna start using this as a bit of a journal? i think itd be funĀ  anyways today i had a delicious healthy breakfast of a bagel with hummus tomatos and pumpkin seeds. spent the day doing some reading and cleaninggg. felt very productive. today i need to finish my history homework and studyyy for my math exam. i totally bombed that test i was supposed to study for, which is disappointing because i know im capable of doing better. really scared of failing that class cuz i wont complete my degree on time if i do. i believe in myself though, just need to be more disciplined. going to chemistry tonight and thay class has veen suspiciously easy, ive had absolutely no homework and barely think about it. all my other classes have been pretty intense. guess i should end this here and go work. byee xo

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