Thheee epilogues were bad. (Loud cheering!!!!!) The epilogues (CHEERING!!!) Thheeee epilogues....... (YEAHHHH !!!!!!) Were BAD.......

I love closing my eyes and ignoring the epilogues and hs^2

"Did you know that jane  is a   facist" No she isn;'t let's frolic together. ^_^ Yeah woo hoo this is awesome We're literally jumping throiugh fields and picnicing!!!! Frolic with me we're jumping with glee this is so mcuh FUN!! *_* YEAH woo hoo woo hooo !!!!!!

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cherry pickin the shit out of the epilogues. Cannot See The Bad Stuff. -🍎

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Meat and candy both had some Really Sketchy Stuff tyhat I would prefer to ignore. I cannot see it and there are never Any Problems. Ever.

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Exactly. actually i should fulfill my strider birthright and just. Rewrite the epilogues -🍎

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what epilogues homestuck finished and that was it!! no epilogues in sight. never heard of them nosiree

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