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Hello SpaceHey. I made this account when I was like 15 (17 now) but it suddenly popped up into my mind so now im wiriting a bolg entry. VERY cool, ik. Currently in third period and its honestly impressive how I will anything else besides my actual work. Wiritng this is making me very nostalgic for when I was in like 7th grade and made a "how to be a baddie" blog. Didn't last for that long. But I do find it interesting how i've always had the desire to have an online presence. Not to have like followers or anything, just a digital space that represents me. Ive been making random blog accounts like this since i was like 10. Im sure 10 yo me would be disappointed to find out none of them reallt stuck though. The most current digital blog type thing ive made is my substack account. I treat it less as a way to write things down and more just as a way to keep the colleges I make somehwere. Ok my friend is puressuring me to go add her back as a friend so this concluded my first blog entry lol. Lets see if I actually do more. Spooky.....

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