The Strawberry Fields

"Miss Strawberry"

The thought of someone going insane, to their own breaking point makes her laugh. The meltdowns, hallucinations, the voices that drive you mad, is like some sort of entertaining movie to her. She goes by "Miss Strawberry"...being the deck of...of...

Her strawberry fields is their own personal wonderland, Those who enter never make it out. You humans need to be careful, for she is not an angel, but neither a demon. She has the powers of a demon though, tricking innocent souls into thinking their crazy until they actually are.

trapped in her twisted game

she'll play tricks on you to make you stay

Miss Strawberry can't go away.

Take the deckΒ 


burn them

then go it again

Drown the diamond in his sticky rivers

Push the clubs down the rabbit hole

Burn the Hearts in the fire

And you'll get all you desire

the door will open back to reality

free you from this abnormality

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