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(;′⌒`) : BYF/DFI﹒ <3ˋ

b4 u read , i hv sum triggering stuff mentions so beware pls! ^_^


i cant start a convo 4 the life of me LMFAO , so pls talk first/dm me first in that case! im pretty quick @ responding as well since i hv no life whatsoever LOLZ , also i dont sumtimes c how i come off as rude or make u uncomfortable , so pls tell me if i am, i cant take settle hints! ^U^ i say kys/kms/die jokes n say faggot n tranny a lot (but only if im comfortable with u n know ur okay with me saying that) n i swear a lot as well! normally offline 4 school dm around 2:40 thru 10:00 o'clock , im most active! (my time zone is MST) also i use desktop so i dont get notifications , so dont b offended if ion respond immediately 2 u but feel free 2 rant n spam me in dms! :D if i hv the chance 2 , i talk abt my hyperfictions n special interests a loti am sensitive N I MEAN IT!!! if u cant handle me n make me uncomfortable, unhappy, or offended block me :) im also okay with light gore n candy gore , i draw it 2 sumtimes btw!!

INTERACT!? —–→ any1 who shares similar interests :D but mostly qsmp,minecraft,roblox,n okegom fans (theyre my current hyperfictions), cosplayers , other systems n fictives , furries!! (js dont be a weird 1) n ofc therians!! n any1 who respects my byf :3

THIN ICE... —–→ mha , dsmp fans (ive had rlly bad interactions with past fans LOL but sum of u r cool!) , over 17 n under 12 , THOSE south park fans (aka the 1's who hvnt even watched the show , but overall the fandom is cool) , IRLS (fictives r more healthy , i js hv 2 say that,srry T_T) , use of slurs unclaimable or claimable (only sum) , purposely misuse tone tags or dont use them (i cant tell ur emotion over text sumtimes , pls use them :( ) , slightly in both my dni

DO NOT INTERACT. —–→ zoo's , openly a groomer n pedo , bigorty (homophobic,transphobic,etc) , com/proshippers/anything similar , manipulative , guilt trippy , or abusive in the slightest , if u lie A LOT , support problematic creators and problematic urself , make fun of alters n systems , endo systems/anything similar , genuine furry hater (ur all immature) , use polyam as an excuse 2 cheat randomly going in2 DMs to vent/neg rant/trauma dump without permission , u're aloud 2! but just ask first please , it makes me highly uncomfortable when someone doesn't ask , you're most likely to get ignored by me!! toxic/rude/mean ppl n starts fights out of nowhere for no fucking reason , do not mention sa, rape, heavy gore, sh, or any fetishes you have out of nowhere , most likely 2 get blocked , starts shit n victimizes urself (YOU know damn well u started it , theres no excuse)

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how is fictives healthier than IRLs ? /gq

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so he kinda cant respond bc of technical issues ( liek he cant reply 2 comments @ ALL. ) so heres a direct quote from him:

“ irls believe they r actually the character , look like them , n live like them (which is seriously unhealthy 4 mental health) , while fictives/fictions they r a recarnation of a charcter but r FULLY aware they r an actual person , n live how they normally do 🦦 “

by TheBomb.com; ; Report

ohhh, i don't fully get it personally cause ive seen plenty of IRLs who are the sweetest but thank you ! really . hope it didn't come off as me questioning your beliefs .

by KADE .; ; Report