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Sims Game That Needs to be Talked About More

Alright, so everyone, especially their mothers, knows the Sims franchise. We all know the basics:


Sims 2

Sims 3

Sims 4

Upcoming Sims 5 (Project Rene)

But NO ONE talks about any other games besides those couple, so allow me to break the ice.

Sims is quite literally a SIMulator (Life simulator specifically) and you can pick and chose what you can make your characters do whether it be creating beautiful character or structures, making stories for said characters, fucking everyone in the neighborhood where you forced your Sims to live...

Boning Bella Goth.


Digressing from that, what if there was a legitimate story to Sims? Specifically in the GBA spin-off:

Sims Bustin' Out...

Ever heard of it? Doubtfully because it is now deemed as a forgotten game.

This game came out in '03 and was one of my personal favorites growing up. It may just be the straight nostalgia factor I have for this game but I truly recommend it.

It is an old game so I can give it a pass for the poor graphic, but going besides that, it is a great game with a lot of thought put into it--And that's a lot coming from EA.

The characters are dynamic, the scenery is brilliant for a GBA game. 

When it comes to talking to characters, they characters tend to be ruthless and out of pocket with their responses, obviously not pandering to kids because they will not understand what is being said.

Here's a couple of my personal favorite responses:

In conclusion, moral of the story, Sims Bustin' Out is underrated asf.

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The Smart-Casual Gamer

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Another Sims game I don't see anyone talking about is The Urbz: Sims in the City. No clue if that's any good, but it always seemed like an odd idea to me, since there's expansions in The Sims 1 that allow you to travel to more built up areas.

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This is apparently an unpopular opinion but I really like The Urbz. Some people thing that it was unnecessary as a sequel to Bustin Out but I disagree. Bustin Out left off on a cliffhanger.
Like, Where did the MC go? Did they go home or were they just launched into space or some random location. The Urbz basically shows progressive from Bustin Out with better character designs, a more dynamic environment, etc.
I recommend playing it, despite it's negative reviews. It's a really nice casual game.

by Alex; ; Report

Was it ever released for PC, or was it a console exclusive? I think that's one of the reasons I view it a little weirdly. If a PC version exists, I'll definitely give it a shot should I find a copy!

by The Smart-Casual Gamer; ; Report

You'd have to download an Emulator to run the DS version on PC. If you want, i can give you the links to my versions for PC. You're definitely going to have to tinker with the controls lol.

by Alex; ; Report

Ah, I might give it a miss if it's emulators, my Dedicated Games Laptop isn't really capable of running emulators that well. Though I do own both a DS and a GBA, so I might just keep my eyes peeled if I see any copies crop up anywhere.

by The Smart-Casual Gamer; ; Report