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  i woke up like a bajillion time last night caus e of my stupid doodoo dumbdumb starlights!! GRRRGRRRQ!!!! they keep falling down cause command strips are like,, TOTAL LIARS!!! they say they can hold three pounds but wuss out whenever I give them a three pound object to hold grrrrrr.... my roommate gave me new ones and I hope these like actually stick this time LOL

I had a hard time getting out of bed today, like I woke up at 7:20 and didn't get out till 7:45 cause I had to go to class LOL I think I'm getting in a funk but its okay cause ill get by(cause I don't really have a choice LOLL) 

in class I though we were gonna be talking about our facebook ads or something but my teacher is really set on making an ad for cruella creeper cereal LOL.. a student from my class made the storyboard for it already so it seems like this project is gonna get rolling now!!! :O though Im not sure whos gonna and record the actual content( i hope its not me I'm total dogwater when it comes to framing LOL) I said that i would do the editing for the video and I'm really excited to learn how to use premiere and after effects!! i think id really enjoy editing

i only had one class today so i hung out in my room and worked on my profile (its sooo cute I'm very happy with it) till lunch, at lunch jahlii told me she was going to buy hibachi for dinner so i invited myself to go get some with her LOL. I got eel sushi, clear soup, and chicken hibachi,,at 4;30 i ate the eel and the chicken and I've felt so stuffed all day since LOLL im gonna need all night to digest this..

after coming back to campus i called my gf an we chatted for a bit while i watched the new dollightful video!! the doll was gorgeous but im still really bitter that she chose design E instead of design F LOL.. i just feel like design F had such a great contrast in its design and it really just popped to me rather than E.. despite that i still loved the doll, especially after she redid the faceup and body, her dolls are just so pretty!! (UPDATE ok i get why she picked e but i still really like F ok LOLLL...)

then i went to my workstudy and worked on my Medicine design assignment, i decide to do a design for petfur allergy medicine since i felt like it would be the easiest to translate (a copout i know LOL) while i worked on it i watched Dangello Wallaces video about doja cat! If im being honest im embarrassed to admit that i was one of the doja fans that got upset at her for saying she didn't like her fans, i didn't realize that the cause of that conversation was because someone asked her to say i love you to them and she said she doesn't (which is totally reasonable LOLLL) i wish she didn't make fun of her fans that liked her music though but also i guess i shouldn't really care if she think were corny for it or not i should just enjoy things without the opinions of other people(hashtag parasocial relationships strikes again LOL....)

at 6pm i went to an art show for an artist who went to this college last year. her theme was about chickens shes owned in her life!! after her artist statement i tried to ask her which piece had the most meaning to her but i dont think she understood what i was trying to say cause her answer was like "well they were all my pets so.. :P" but i meant like which piece has the most emotion and history to it because in her statement she talks about how her grandfather died recently and he was the one who gifted her all these chickens and she said after his death the theme became a passion project in honor of him so i was trying to see which piece reflected that the most :O in te show my teacher kinda hinted that she wants me to come back one day and do a gallery show too and i thought that would be a really cool concept actually.. though not sure what my theme would be :O

then i came back to my dorm and tried to do my English homework..(keyword is tried LOLL) its embarrassing to admit but i really struggle to read.. i can read but all the words are so overwhelming and its hard to stay focused and really retain the words in my head... i read a bit but i got too overwhelmed aadn stopped.. i wanted to ask one of my friends to be on call with me so i could focus but i wasa just too shy to even attempt to ask so instead i opted to listen to the jazz playlist again and write this LOL.. i actually had to write this twice which is totes embarrassing but i did it!! i guess now ill actually finish my English homework and then i have a long night of working on my orange drawing LOL

thanks for reading this :}

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