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music recommendations :333

i'll update this as i bother to finish this or find the links to some of these songs. excuse my rambles i like writing about things i like :3

leave a comment if you like or hate any of these... i wanna hear your opinion too

current background music: Cali Life Style - Float On


J Dilla - Donuts (2006)

31 tracks, 31 treasures... this album is what made me fall in love with hip hop. before i heard don't cry i was one of those people who thought all hip hop was "mumble rap" but thanks to this beauty i was able to open myself up to the genre, which led me to discovering artists i would never have discovered otherwise.

this album also changed my life in the way that it made me see the true beauty of sampling (reusing an existing recording to make something new). the techniques dilla uses throughout this album are amazing and are the biggest testament to his contributions to hip hop. you can hear him in many of his contemporaries' works (such as a tribe called quest, de la soul, and the pharcyde) and you can still hear his influence in lo-fi hip hop today. it's as if his spirit was infused into his music.

my favorite song(s) from this album: don't cry

Tatsuro Yamashita - Ride on Time (1980)

now this isnt on any streaming services due to tats not being a big fan of em, but you should be able to find this album pretty easily online. and i recommend you do it fast. this album is on youtube for like a week before msj promotions the record association of japan gets it taken down.

the thing is that this album is SOOOO GOOD... its city pop right before its peak in the mid 1980s. it carries some jazz influences from tatsuro's earlier work but its way closer to city pop than anything else.

my favorite song(s) from this album: ride on timesilent screamer

Tatsuro Yamashita - For You (1982)

now THIS is prime city pop... i would even say this album is city pop itself. this album couldnt be described as anything BUT city pop. its a bit of a rollercoaster, including emotional ballads and more energetic tracks, but imo that just means you can pull out any song for just about any occasion

wanna slow dance w your partner??? pull out some morning glory! goin to a party?? put on some sparkle! chillin w the gang??? how bout some love talkin

what im tryna get across is that this is a good ass album and you should listen to it before it gets taken down

my favorite song(s) from this album: sparklemusic bookmorning glorylove talkin' (honey it's you)

Kalapana - Kalapana (1975)

i was put onto kalapana by my dad and so far im loving it. this album is nice and soft, something you could listen to on a slow drive or just sitting outside watching the sky. the songs feature enchanting guitar backing the great mackey feary's (rest in peace) vocals... and those two combine to form a most exquisite emotional experience

one complaint that i have about this album is that all of the songs are too short to really settle in... like goddammit nightbird isnt even 3 minutes long

my favorite song(s) from this album: what do i donightbirdwhen the morning comesthe hurt

Michael Jackson - Off the Wall (1979)

no words could do this album justice... its the first of three legendary albums produced by quincy jones (the other two being thriller in 1982 and bad in '87) and it was his breakout album following his already successful career as a member of the jackson 5. to me, this album symbolizes his growth as both an artist and as a person, as it is a musical and thematic major departure from the motown sound of his youth, as if through the music he's proclaiming "look, i'm all grown up now!".

but who knows. i'm just yapping and copying parts of the wikipedia article. hell i havent even listened to the whole album yet. why dont you go hear for yourself :3

my favorite song(s) from this album: off the wallrock with youdon't stop 'til you get enough

Michael Jackson - Thriller (1982)

im not even gonna say anything... i mean its THRILLER for gods sake

my favorite song(s) from this album: baby be minehuman naturep.y.t.

Nujabes - Luv(sic) Hexalogy (2015)

this album is what i would recommend to someone just discovering nujabes... i feel this album is a showcase of nujabes' skills while leaving an appetite for some more. it features shing02 rapping over some calm beats produced by guess who

my favorite song(s) from this album: part 1part 2part 3

Yabujin - FLASH DESIRE (2019)

this a good introduction to yabujin i think... got that early 2000s internet feel (i wouldnt know cause i was born in 2008)

the songs are really short and the whole project isn't even 20 minutes long but regardless its pleasant to listen to

look idk ive been working on this for several hours i'll elaborate later

my favorite song(s) from this album: ANGEL WITTA KNIFEDRUGS IN HER ROOM

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - E. 1999 Eternal (1995)

GOOD NEWS YALL!!!! ive officially received my “talking about bone thugs-n-harmony’s 1995 album e. 1999 eternal” license

idk how to describe bone thugs’ music but they got some good ass slow beats (if i had to describe it i’d say its like 90s g-funk but slowed down to around 60-70 bpm... as im listening i can hear some late 80s-early 90s R&B influences too) and some crazy triplet flows where theyre both singing and rapping at the same time… there will never be another group like bone thugs-n-harmony

my favorite song(s) from this album: tha crossroads1st of tha monthbuddah lovazmo’ murdadie die die

Three 6 Mafia - Most Known Unknown (2005)

i know its kinda unorthodox 4 a trans person 2 like this kinda music but its just TOO hard… idk what to tell you

this album is a bit of a departure from the triple six’s classic style… while their older works were more gritty and cold this album is more like shit you play at the function to get everyone lit. not to say its worse… hell one of their greatest hits (stay fly) came from this album

my favorite song(s) from this album: stay flypoppin’ my collardon’t cha get mad

Basshunter - “Now You’re Gone - The Album” (2008)

im ngl this is a bit of a guilty pleasure… between all the mcr and project pat and bone thugz and deftones and shit i love me some party music.

this is the typa shit you woulda hear at clubs and functions back in the day and tbh these joints kinda sound like xbox live era type shit (which i would know nothing about cause i was actually BORN in 2008) but regardless of my qualifications you should totally listen

and before you say “geometry dash ahh music” yes i KNOW… but all of the songs in gd were made and released after now you’re gone… where do you think that sound came from????? exactly

my favorite song(s) from this album: now you’re gonerussia privjeti can walk on water

Wu-Tang Clan - “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” (1993)

this a real classic… idk why it took me so long to listen to the full album. i was already hooked on C.R.E.A.M. and protect ya neck lmao

a common trait you’ll hear among the songs off here is that some of these drums are FILTHY. absolutely disgusting. they’ll have you doin the stank face like god DAMN. over either a calm jazz sample or over sum intense. this album will make you feel shit forreal

my favorite song(s) from this album: C.R.E.A.M.da mystery of chessboxin’can it be all so simple

Kanye West - The College Dropout (2004)

oh snap, here we go. some ye.

look i KNOW kanye has said some problematic shit over the past year or two but GODDAMIT pre-trump kanye is a different person from current kanye… im talkin bout the kanye that said “george bush doesn’t care about black people”

2004-2007 era kanye is my favorite kanye fr… his production and his flow around that era just scratches my ears the right way. from the soul samples to the drums, everything is just perfect.

my favorite song(s) from this album: through the wirejesus walksget em high

Cali Life Style - Mexican Invasion (1996)

aw SHIT!!!!!!!!! heres that west coast coming in… im just listening to the full album rn (only had one song downloaded previously) but even only three songs in i already know this is a hit.

some of the songs got classic disco influences reminiscent of late 80s hip-hop, but its mostly that classic west coast sound ykwim? that high pitched lead synth and that funky ass bass and shit.

my favorite song(s) from this album: time to glide, sucka freefloat onlost


Yabujin - FLASH CASANOVA (2020)

this is a lil different than yabujin's other works, honing in on the late 2000s-early 2010s vibe as opposed to his usual early-mid 2000s style... regardless its still a good ass song

yabujin makes me feel so girly for some reason idk why

you know what i dont think i even know what im talking about


this shit is so hardd its just too bad i dont know how to jumpstyle

note that dj gyrotta zao is a different pseudonym for yabujin… this is the name he uses for hardstyle type shi

The Pharcyde - Runnin' (1995)

DILLA STRIKES AGAIN!!!!! this one of my favorite beats ever what with the guitar and shit

Slick Dogg - Certified Nymphoz (idk what year)

god i LOVE LOVE LOVE 90s west coast rap and this joint is no exception… i’d be careful blasting this one though cause im pretty sure this is a crip anthem but as long as you’re not in LA or you don’t live near any bloods you should be fine

Unknown Artist* - Digital Girl (~2021)

*its by haditonvinyl (aka emails) but FUCK that guy

this was that formerly lost eurodance song... god DAMMIT WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE MY FAVORITE????????????????

look its a good song and it had me in its clutches for like several months but FUCK that bum haditonvinyl. if youre gonna listen to it avoid the "emails" channel on yt. look for another reupload or a recreation or something. FUCK that bitch.

Mackey Feary Band - Catherine (1978)

uhghhhhhhghghghghghghghhghhghghg the only time i ever hear my name is in a song that isnt even actually addressed to me :/

this ones more personal to me... cause thats my name... but its a really nice song

i would gladly date mackey feary :333

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