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about my OCs: Crunch and Wesker

Since so much of my profile is dedicated to Crunch and Wesker, I figure I might as well explain who they are for anyone who hasn't watched me slowly go insane over them over the past few months on Tumblr.

two figures posed together in front of a purple triangle. the figure on the right has dark skin and bright red hair in a side shaved style, and is dressed in a t-shirt, leather jacket with spiked shoulders, plaid pants ripped at the knee, and leather boots with spiked toes. they are smiling and gesturing with one arm while using the other to pull down the figure on the left, who is a pale skinned man with chin length black hair who is dressed in a blue shopkeeper's uniform. he looks notably bewildered.These are my OCs, Crunch (the red one) and Wesker (the blue one). Alternatively known as "Crusker" (their ship name).

Both of them initially appeared to me in dreams (separately). I used them for a short comic I made for a school project back in September 2020, forgot about them for a bit, completely redid their lore around November 2022, and have been getting progressively more deranged over them ever since.

a reference sheet for Crunch. they have brown skin, red hair in a side-shave, and are wearing punk style clothes.Crunch (they/them) is a 21 year old wannabe Tiktok star who is practically the definition of a clout chaser. Even their punk style is a way to attract followers to them. Despite how much effort they put into their Tiktok (they still feel empty inside) they just can't seem to get a foothold on the platform... until they somehow stumble into a strange and otherworldly grocery store.

a reference sheet for Wesker. He has pale skin and chin-length black hair, and is dressed in a blue shopkeeper's uniform.
Wesker (he/they) has been an employee at said otherworldly grocery store for 5 years (since they were 18) and employee of the month for 4 years straight. His job mostly involves endlessly cleaning and stocking the aisles, dealing with unruly "customers", and hoping the manager never calls him into its office. He hates his job, but he can't quit or leave since not only did he unknowingly sign everything away including his original name, but the grocery store is also completely inescapably for all who enter it. Well... except for Crunch.

a 2 panel comic featuring Crunch and Wesker. in the first panel, Crunch and Wesker face each other, and Crunch says "It's Pride Month, Wesker. You know what that means." To which Wesker replies "huh. what." In the second panel Crunch is turned away from Wesker with a smug smile on their face as Wesker gesticulates and says "do you want us to stock like. gay groceries. what"

Initially after they meet, Wesker mostly regards Crunch as a nuisance, while Crunch mostly sees Wesker as an uptight stickler who's fun to tease. But soon enough Wesker realizes that Crunch can actually leave the grocery store, and may actually be able to get him out as well. Crunch agrees to help Wesker out if Wesker agrees to help them with their Tiktok content in the store. From there, their relationship begins to progress, and they go from acquaintances to friends to lovers (eventually).

An image of Crunch and Wesker. Wesker is on all fours on top of Crunch, who is reaching up to play with the ties on Wesker's apron. Wesker looks back in suprise, his face completely red. (They are both fully clothed.) Meanwhile, off to the side, there's a little doodle of Crunch looking frazzled, labled "Crunch, internally". The text around them reads "What the hell am I doing?! And why is it working?"

So I've been drawing these two idiots over and over for months now, I even made an 11-page comic a while back (though I've redesigned Crunch a little bit since then). I legitimately haven't been able to stop thinking about them. They occupy my mind at all times, even when I think about other things it always circles back to "what would Crunch and Wesker think of this?" or "how would Crunch and Wesker react in this situation?" or even sometimes "how are these other characters like or unlike Crunch and Wesker?" It's. getting a little unhealthy to be honest. But I truly love them. A few people drew them last ArtFight and my friends can all attest that I went feral.

If you'd like to see more of them, here's some links:
In the interest of keeping this blog entry a manageable length I'm going to cut myself off now, but feel free to ask questions about them/their relationship, I'd love to talk more about them!
Wesker doing the Club Penguin dance

Edit 9/29/23: accidentally used discord links for a couple of my image embeds, fixed it

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